Spring Scales

What are the uses of Spring Scales?

Spring scales can be used in physics and education as basic accelerometers, but its main uses are industrial, especially related to weighing heavy loads such as trucks at weighing stations, storage silos, and materials being carried on a conveyor belt. Spring scales are used when the accuracy afforded by other types of scales can be sacrificed for simplicity, cheapness, and robustness. A spring balance measures the weight of an object by opposing the force of gravity with the force of an extended spring and is measured in either grams or newtons.

This set of spring scales includes 6 high quality, dual unit tubular scales that can measure six different ranges of force (in Newtons) or weight (in grams). This multi-range set of scales allows you to get higher precision results in both units.

                                        Product Code: PSS_US6


                      Color Coded Scales included in this set are:

Blue: 0 N to 2.5 N0 Grams to 250 grams
Green:0 N to 5 N0 Grams to 500 Grams
Brown:0 N to 10 N 0 Grams to 1000 Grams
Red:0 N to 20 N0 Grams to 2000 Grams
White:0 N to 30 N0 Grams to 3000 Grams
Yellow:0 N to 50 N0 Grams to 5000 Grams

Newton units are used when you want to measure a force. Grams are used when you are measuring a weight.


                                        Product Code: ISS_US6


                           This spring scale set is not color coded

Blue: 0 N to 1 N0 Grams to 100 grams
Blue:0 N to 2.5 N0 Grams to 250 Grams
Blue:0 N to 5 N 0 Grams to 500 Grams
Blue:0 N to 10 N0 Grams to 1000 Grams
Blue:0 N to 20 N0 Grams to 2000 Grams
Blue:0 N to 50 N0 Grams to 5000 Grams

Spring Scales are available Individually or In Sets at ScienceKitStore.com