Revolution Counter

MSZ94F Revolution Counter

MSZ94F is a 5-digit Right-angle heavy-duty revolution counter with double side accessible axle. A built-in gearbox in this counter have made it possible for the rotation axle to be vertical to the counter’s main axle. The counting ratio is 3:1. In other words it counts 1 for every 3 turns of the axle. It can count in either direction (increasing or decreasing). This counter has a reset knob that can be used to reset the counter to 00000 or 99999. After counting up to 99999, the counter continues to count from 00000. Large digits make it easy to read from distance.


Overall Length = 143 mm
Counter Length = 68 mm
Counter Height = 48 mm
Counter Width= 35 mm
Digit Height = 7 mm
Axle Diameter = 7 mm
Weight = 330 grams

MS102B Revolution Counter

Revolution counters count the number of rotations in a variety of equipment. This counter may be connected to mechanical equipment directly via the shaft or using gears and pulleys that can change the ratio of the count. MS102B is usually mounted by two screws, but depending on the installation they may also be seated on an elastic pad.

MS-102B is a 5-digit Revolution Counter with Nylon body and ABS casting. The shaft is 10mm long, 3mm in diameter and is positioned on the right.


Overall Length = 32 mm
Counter Height = 21.5 mm
Counter Width Overall = 33 mm
Axle Diameter = 3 mm
Axle Length = 10 mm
Weight = 9 grams

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