Magnet Wire

Magnet Wires are insulated copper wires. The thin resin insulation in magnet wires make them the best choice for making electromagnets and electric motors.

Uses for Magnet Wire:

This type of wire is also known as "winding wire." When it's wound up, it has unique electromagnetic properties that make it useful in everything from automobiles, large machinery, industrial magnets to MRI machines in hospitals and more...

As A Magnet:

Magnet wire is appropriately named because it creates extremely powerful magnetic fields due to its advantageous properties. To better understand the capabilities, we'll use an example of a crane; some cranes are equipped with enormous electromagnets that allow them to lift very heavy objects such as vehicles. Since an electromagnet is a magnet that is powered by electricity, you can turn it on and off as required. Imagine you had a large, incredibly powerful magnet, you wouldn't be able to turn it off and therefore it would present a very serious risk of injury or death. In the case of the crane, it would only be activated when the crane needs to lift something large and heavy.

Other Applications:

Not all magnet wires are used to move or lift heavy objects. Copper wire is used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines. MRI machines use large, strong magnets to scan the inside of the human body, allowing doctors to see soft tissue and organs and discern any possible problems.

Magnet wire is also used for different forms of energy transformation. One example is inside a generator, where it converts mechanical energy into electricity. Our magnet motor kit is one basic example of this. On the other hand, it can also be found inside electrical appliances, where it converts the electricity received through a power cord into a mechanical application. It is also very useful in applications like speakers and motors. There are many other applications and some that may not be discovered so it's important to learn and practice with magnet wires to get a clearer understanding about the world around us and the world waiting for us. 

23 AWG (American Wire Gauge)

27 AWG (American Wire Gauge)