Light Bulbs

Colored Light Bulbs
Orange, 18 Volts, 0.15 Amps  
Blue, 18 Volts, 0.15 Amps    
Red, 14 Volts DC, 0.2 Amps   
Green, 14 Volts DC, 0.2 Amps

Where To Buy Miniature Light Bulbs? has an array of miniature light bulbs with various volt requirements. Look below to see which range suits your needs. 

Need Bulb Lamp Holders?

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Miniature Light Bulbs

  Pack of 10, 6.3V, 0.5A, P56305
  Pack of 10, 4.8V, 0.5A, P56304
  Pack of 10, 3.8V, 0.3A, P56303
                  Pack of 10, 2.5V. 0.3A, P56302 (pictured)
  Pack of 10, 1.5V, 0.3A, P56301

Miniature Light Bulbs

E0112 (1.2V)
E0222 (2.25V)

E0359 (1.35V)
Low Current

E0502 (5.1V)