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Explore the wide variety of science kits that offers. We have kits ranging from Pneumatic Lifts to Magnet Levitation Trains and let's not forget the Gauss Rifle!

With over 30 different original kits, you're sure to find one that will spark your interest and fascinate everyone in the next science project. 

Below are some of the science and technology kits that are currently available:

Pneumatic Lift Kit

Pneumatics is a branch of technology, which deals with the use of pressurized gas to affect mechanical motion. In this project you will make a mechanical lift using two syringes. One used to create pressurized air and the other used to create a mechanical movement and lifting a load.

The science kit contains 19 pieces of pre-cut woods, two syringes, rubber rings, plastic tubing, eye screws and one plastic clamp.

You will need wood glue to complete your pneumatic lift.
Solar Car Kit

This science kit includes materials and instructions for a basic solar car. Students may substitute some materials or change the design based on their own creativity. (May be different from the picture shown).

Solar car kit includes:

  • Solar panel
  • Solar motor
  • Wheels
  • Wood board for chassis
  • Transmission elements (gears, pulleys, etc.)
  • Instructions are online

All product details are subject to changes and improvements. The actual kit you receive may be different from the picture shown above.

Floating Wheels

Floating wheels is among the most exciting magnet levitation attempts. The idea is making a wheel and axle that will float above a set of magnets and can rotate with no friction.
This is a challenging experiment and interesting novelty that provides an attractive and exciting display. This is very close to a 100% magnetic levitation constructed with static magnets. This science kit comes with 6 magnets, 5 pre-cut pieces of wood and some screws. You will need a screwdriver and wood glue to complete this project. A thread or invisible string is pulling the axle from one side.
Recommended as a display project, technology project, educational activity or hobby. (Not for experimental science projects requiring a question and hypothesis.)


Magneeto Floating Wheels

The new and improved version of the Floating Wheels using Magnet Strips is very close to a 100% Magnet Levitation! The is making a wheel and axle that will float above a pair of magnet strips and can rotate without friction. This is a fun magnet kit and can also serve as a great display piece on your desk.

All you need with this set is some wood glue and string and you're ready to go!

Magnet Motor Kit

This is a set of materials for making a very simple Electric motor to demonstrate general concepts that make motors work. This motor has only one magnet (as stator) and one simple coil (as rotor). It can be powered by a AA battery (not included).
 Gauss Rifle Kit

Magnetic linear accelerator also known as the Gauss Rifle uses a magnetic chain reaction to launch a steel ball at high speed. This is a very simple project to build, it takes only a few minutes to put together. It is simple to understand and explain but at the same time fascinating to watch and use. 



Pulley Motor Car


This simple car kit explores movement, electricity and forces. It uses pulleys to transmit the force from the motor to the wheels. All parts and instructions are included.



The model shown is a customized model. To customize your own kit, you can purchase additional materials at any craft store.


Car Boat

This science kit contains the essential materials used in construction of a simple electric circuit with a small electric motor, a switch and a battery. This kit is also used to make an air propelled motor boat.

If you add some wheels to your boat, then you will have a hybrid vehicle that may be called a car-boat or CarBoat because it can drive both on land and on water. 

This kit includes one electric motor, battery holder for 2 AA batteries, one simple switch, 2 propellers, 4 wheels, 2 axle dowels, 4 small screws, 2 plastic straws and 2 connection wires. It does not include styrofoam, paint and white glue.


Solar Car Kit

Solar Cells also called photovoltaic cells are finding their way into thousands of uses world wide.  This kit is an economical introduction to photovoltaics, also known as PV. 

Hand Warmer Kit

Ever wondered how hand warmers work? Well, wonder no more! Here is your chance to make your own hand warmer all the while learning about the science behind it. 

This science kit includes sufficient materials to make 20 separate hand warmers/experiments. 

With easy-to-follow instructions, this hand warmer kit is sure to make learning about exothermic reactions fun.

Thermoelectric Generator Kit

The Thermoelectric Generator is an experimental kit which demonstrates the direct conversion of heat into electrical energy using the Seebeck effect.

The key component is the Peltier module that will be sandwiched between the two metal cans. As long as there is a substantial temperature differential between the two sides of the Peltier element, sufficient electricity will be generated to power the electric motor and turn the propeller.

With easy-to-follow instructions, assembling this kit is a breeze. 

Paddle Boat Kit

Unlike the CARBOAT, which is air propelled, the Paddle Boat Kit will move through the water using the motor powered paddles that are immersed in the water.   

Slime Science Kit

Ever wondered how scientists connect small molecules of gases and liquids and make solid plastics and rubbers. This kit includes materials to make 5 different slimes: Glooze, Wiggly Wonder, Power Putty, Flip-Flop slime, and more. You may hear about chemicals such as Borax, Guar Gum, starch and polyvinyl acetate. But you will never know their real properties unless you perform hands-on experiments such as those described in Slime Science kit. This set does not have a colorful box.  Instructions are online.

Why learn about polymers and colloids? 

Why not? They’re slimy, they make a mess, you can color them, you can put them on your dinner plate. What could be more fun? 

Who knows? Maybe you will use these skills and open a polymer or glue factory in the future. 


Check out the Starch Test Science Kit (KITST) from!

The starch test science kit has everything you need to detect and identify 
starch in different fruits, vegetables and other products around you.

The kit includes Iodine solution, 5 test tubes, 3 plastic transfer pipettes, one 
Petri dish and a project guide with different project ideas and step by step 
instructions on most of them. Use this kit to see and demonstrate the effect of 
enzymes in breaking the starch molecules down to sugar.

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