How To Fix A Blood Cell Counter

First a little about the blood cell counters. Whether you have a 2, 5 or 8 key blood cell counter. Each cell can be recorded up to 999. It also has a totalizer that shows the sum of all the cells. An Internal bell sounds at one hundred increments for the total count. The reset knobs on both sides can clear all the numbers back to zero.

It's important to fully depress one button at a time. You must also test and calibrate the counter upon arrival if needed. All counters that we ship out have been tested to ensure quality and accuracy. If you notice there is a problem, simply unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the counter, take the side knobs off and remove the cover. You can put the right knob back on after the cover has been removed so that you can turn and test the counter as you're fixing it. As seen in the photos below, make sure the metal pieces catch the gear to turn the number. Visually you may be able to discern the problem and fix it quickly.

If the numbers are still not resetting then most likely the teeth inside
the ring of the number is broken and therefore will not catch onto the
groove of the rod that is connected to the reset knob to reset. 

This case is rare since all counters are inspected for accuracy prior 
to being shipped but if you do encounter this problem, please 
contact us so that we can assist you in rectifying the problem.

Reset Turn Knob

Number Rings connected to Reset Knob with and without inner teeth