Paddle Boat Instructions

Paddle Boat

Included in Kit:         
9" x 4" Styrofoam Board
1AA Battery Holder (1)
Hobby Motor (1)
Adjustable Motor Clamp (1)
Connection Wire (1)
Wood Flat Strips (4)
Wood Block with Hole (1)
Simple Knife Switch (1)
Graph Paper (1)
What Else You Will Need:
Wood Glue
Pen or Pencil
Scotch Tape
AA Battery
X Acto Knife or Styrofoam Cutter

Time Required:
1 hour


Step 1:

Using the graph paper, a pencil and ruler, being measuring the placement of incision and materials for your paddle boat. 

Everything should be scaled to size. 

See next step. 


Step 2:

Using the measurements on the graph paper, make your incision for the area where the paddles will be on the styrofoam. Note that it should be centered and measure 4.5" long x 1" wide. 

Step 3:

Using wood glue, glue the flat wood strips onto the wood block to create your paddle mechanism. Make sure the hole on the block is on the end that isn't fully covered by the paddles. 

Step 4:

After your paddles dry, insert the motor shaft into the wood block that hold the paddles. 

Step 5:

Place the motor inside the adjustable motor clamp and then tighten it so the clamp holds the motor securely. 

Step 6:

Place the base of the motor clamp so that it sits next to the space you created so the paddles can spin freely once the boat is placed on the water. Manually move the paddles with your fingers to see if there are any problems. Use scotch tape to mount the clamp until you test and glue it permanently later. 

Step 7:

Place the simple knife switch opposite the motor and again use scotch tape to hold it temporarily while you test it. Ideally, the binding screws on the switch should be faced towards the outside of the boat.


Step 8:

Place the AA battery holder so that it sits on one end of the styrofoam board. Connect one wire from the battery holder to the motor and the other to the binding screw of the knife switch. We've used a paper clip to secure the wires onto the styrofoam.


Step 9:

Connect one end of the connection wire to the motor and the other to the binding screw of the knife switch. The wiring should be as illustrated. Note that the wires you connect to the motor can be switched to change the direction that the paddles will spin.


Step 10:

Put a new AA battery inside the battery holder and press the knife switch down to test your creation! If all is running well you can secure your materials onto the styrofoam more securely and permantently. 



Using A Splash Guard:

You'll notice that water may splash as the boat glides through the water. Create your own custom splash guard to prevent water from coming onto the boat's body. 



You can customize your paddle boat with color and designs. If you enjoyed this kit, think about purchasing other materials and designing a more advanced paddle boat. 

Check out our Concept Paddle Boat with Two Motors to get an idea!