Solenoid (Iron Core) Instructions

Solenoid with Soft Iron Rod.

Insert the Iron Rod so that your 
solenoid will have an Iron Core.

We're using a 6V battery for our example. 
Use connection wires to connect the battery 
to the Solenoid. Notice that we have not
 connected the second connection wire yet.

Using a ruler, place a small neodymium
magnet about 8 inches away from the
solenoid and then connect the wire. 

The magnet will jump and stick to the
solenoid as soon as the wire is attached.
If there is no reaction, move it a little closer.

Now remove the connection wire and 
place the magnet about 2 or 3 inches
 away and see if anything happens.

Remove the Iron Rod and place the magnet
3-5 inches away and see if it magnetizes.

Test all different scenarios and distances to get 
an idea of the effect of the Iron Rod in the Solenoid.