Buzz Wire Instructions

Buzz Wire Kit

 Included in Kit: Sold Separately (Product Code)
 Copper Wire 36" or 24" CUTUBE
 Thin Copper Wire  
 Battery Holder 2AA PBH2AA
 Buzzer 1.5 - 3V BZRB3  & BZRW3
 Screws (4) 
 Bulb (2) E0222
 Lamp Holder MINIBASE 
 Alligator Connection Wires 9119  (Select 24")
 Connection Wires (2 red, 2 black) WIRE10  or WIRE20
 Wood Board 
 Wood Handle 

What Else is Needed:
2 AA Batteries
Electrical Tape

Time Required:
45 Minutes 





Kit Contents

Step 1:

Twist your own creative design for the Copper Contact.
I'm going to use a wood board for my base so I'll wrap some electrical tape at the bottom of the twisted copper so it will fit snug into the hole that I created in the board. 

The tape is also necessary to hold the connection wire from the battery holder. 




Step 2:

Use the red connection from the battery holder and tape it to the bottom of copper making sure that the bare wire is touching the copper. 

Insert the twisted copper into your base.







Step 3:

Secure the buzzer to your base with a screw and connect red wire through a connection to the contact wand and the black wire to the connection wire that connects the battery holder and bulb. 



Step 4:

Secure the lamp holder to your base with a screw and connect a connection wire from one side to the open connection of the battery holder. Use another connection wire to connect the other end to the wand.

(pictured below) 



Step 5:

Use the thin copper wire to create your contact wand. 

Connect the two appropriate connection wires to the bottom of the copper wire and then tape it. Make sure to leave enough copper wire at the top to be able to bend it into a hook/loop. 





Battery Holder - Twisted Copper, Buzzer & Bulb (connection wire)

Twisted Copper - Battery Holder

Buzzer - Wand, Battery Holder & Bulb (connection wire)

Bulb: Wand, Battery Holder & Buzzer (connection wire)

Wand: Buzzer & Bulb









The model in this video is slightly 
different than the one shown above.

Buzz Wire